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Khalifa Talal Aljery Model School
The New-Kuwait Philippines International School
Om Alqura Model School
Special Needs School - Om Alqura Model School

To build a creative generation with the knowledge to communicate effectively within society and that possesses high moral and educational standards.  These standards  will allow our students  to achieve  the highest level of success  and continued development.


Prepare students to be creative and efficient within the Kuwaiti community.

Enhance students’ scientific abilities so that they have access to University and succeed with confidence.

Cultivate students’ talents and encourage them to be creative and have complete confidence to participate in different scientific contests  and other educational activities.


To planting in students minds strong moral values, the love of country and culture,  and enhancing a sense of


To reinforce and develop  a spirit of cooperation and solidarity by training students to take responsibility.

To erase technological illiteracy.

To develop  logical thinking skills.

To establish a strong educational foundation of learning concepts.

To encourage the teaching  staff to develop  and create new teaching  methods,  and to persist in being lifelong


To raise the educational level of all students.

To encourage student participation in clubs and activities outside of the classroom.                                                                11

Text Box: Where The Future Rise To reinforce the concept of team and group work.

Om Al Qura Educational Establishment [OAEE]