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Om Al Qura Educational Est. is a group of educational institutions spread all over Kuwait. As we established, Om Al Qura Educational Est. is trying to make  new future developers of our children, who will contribute to the betterment of Kuwait, as the  future leaders of this nation. We are achieving this long term commitment with technology to address the demands of the fast-changing world, thus resulting  in an  educational change. OAEE has always been proactive in seeking possible ways to accommodate all nationalities, thus deepening the sense of brotherhood and oneness among all. Through this, we are not only working on building a better future for the State of Kuwait through our students, but also, we are promoting harmonious international relations.

Stemming from our desire to address, in the best way we can, the educational needs in the State of Kuwait, we have worked hard to build a company which will employ not only its resources but also its  commitment to serve this nation and its people. We strongly believe in this endeavor, hence Om Al Qura Educational Est. was established. The company managed to build an educational village with schools rendering services to the locals and catering to other nationalities in Kuwait. Reaching the full momentum of holistic education, the company is determined to lift up the learning of its clientele from the level of civilized advancement, to the state of being the foundation, or pillars in the construction of the future Kuwait society.


Om Al Qura Educational Establishment [OAEE]