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Khalifa Talal Aljery Model School
The New-Kuwait Philippines International School
Om Alqura Model School
Special Needs School - Om Alqura Model School
The Um Al-Qura Company for Educational Services conglomerate, founded by

Khalifa Talal Mohammad Fahed Al-Jeri

Mr. Khalifa Talal Al-Jeri was born in 1926 in Frij Al-Aquol, Sharq City – Kuwait and passed away on the 25th of July 2004.  Throughout his lifetime Mr. Al Jeri was determined to achieve his ambitions which were driven by his sense of responsibility towards the Kuwaiti people and nation. His life’s work crystallized when he founded the conglomerate of Um Al-Qura Company for Educational Services (Um Al- Qura) in 1969

About Mr. Khalifa

Mr. Khalifa was a self-educated man with great ambition, being armed with good will and determination from early childhood. At school, he was one of the brightest students and gifted with strong leadership skills. Mr.Khalifa held many pioneering positions within the State of Kuwait.

Mr.Khalifa was significantly involved in establishing the first company to transport water from Kuwait to Al-Khafji City. Whist working as a sailor in Kuwait Mr. Khalifa realized that the qualities of determination and discipline were going to be necessary if he was to succeed in life.

Pursuing his dream to establish an educational facility in Abu Hulefa City, he went ahead and implemented his own ideas and plans.  Mr. Khalifa also participated in whatever political activities were taking place in his time, being of a moderate disposition with a dislike for extremism.

In addition to all this, Mr.Khalifa provided a number of public services for the people within the Al-Ahmadi Governorate in the 10th District. His dedication towards achieving his dreams was  reflected in the responsibilities he took upon his shoulders.

The highlights of Mr. Khalifa’s life include

• 1954 Chairman of the Municipal Council of Abu Hulefa in the fifties.

 • 1962 Member of the Foundation Council in Kuwait.

• 1963 Member of the National Assembly “the first legislative chapter”

• 1969 Founder of the Um Al-Qura Company for Educational Services.

• 1974 – 1992 Co-Founder and Chairman of the Union of Private School Owners

• 1954 Chairman of the Municipal Council of Abu Hulefa in the fifties.

Other significant roles in Mr. Khalifa’s life were

• Founding a Company to transport water from Kuwait to Al-Khafji City.

• Founding the first girls’ school in Abu Hulefa City.

• Awell know parliamentarian, well known for being moderate


Interview between Mr. Khalifa & the Amir of Bahrain


Accompanied  by Sheikh / Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah

“God bliss his soul”

  Mr. Khalifa, accompanied by the Shoyoukh of Kuwait

In one of its meetings in the National  Assembly

Next to Prince Sheikh

Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

Mr. / Khalifa in the Constituent Assembly of the Constitution   Kuwait medal

Commentary from the Chairman of Um Al-Qura, Mr. Jeri Khalifa Al-Jeri

"The reason for establishing Um Al-Qura is based on the deep faith our company has in providing wait with an educational system which ranks second to none. We are conscious of having to be with the progress of science and technology and thus ensure Um Al-Qura are educational aders both locally and internationally. We strive to build a strong foundation for the future uwaiti and Arab youth in general and to intensify the concept of brotherhood.”

Commentary from the Deputy Chairman of Um Al-Qura, Mr. Talal Khalifa Al-Jeri


Keeping in mind  the educational needs  of Kuwait, we have  focused  our efforts on raising the standard  of teaching,  which in turn will provide an up to date educational system. This will build a solid  educational culture and  foundation within the community, developing creative and responsible future generations who can achieve  and maintain  success.

Om Al Qura Educational Establishment [OAEE]