Khalifa Talal Aljery Model School
The New-Kuwait Philippines International School
Om Alqura Model School
Special Needs School - Om Alqura Model School

The New Kuwait-Philippines International School
Foundation of quality education
The warmest that we felt to us you are the best
The light we share from the torch you hold
We wave onto your excellence
You rear the hope for the young
With love, courage and fidelity
To safeguard our dignity

Oh Hail! Kuwait-Philippines International School
We strongly stand hand in hand with pride
With your guidance and your love
We’ll live forevermore
Education you’ve shared nurtured us brightly
We are mold with lawful ideas
With your vision and mission
Leads everyone to flourish and succeed
Dear Alma Mater, spread thee all over
the whole wide world.

We’re your beloved sons and daughters
Sincere, true ever loyal and brave
Ever faithful within our hearts,
we’ll protect you in our lives
In the midst of troubles and inequity
You’ve bonded us for victory
In wisdom, knowledge and good deeds
For loyalty and service to men
For the glory of God never ends


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